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How Does Your Garden Grow -Science Guide for teachers




Living World Curriculum levels 3/4/5

Whether you grow fruit, vegetables or ornamental plants in your plot, you are bound to know something about what makes a good garden. Everybody knows about the role of bees in pollinating crops and most people know that ladybirds eat pests such as aphids. However, the garden is a dynamic place with many beneficial interactions taking place continuously. These include the role of bacteria and fungi in breaking down leaf material and the creation of soil and drainage holes by earthworms.

This unique kit is based on research carried out in the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University in association with the BHU Organics Trust and Kings Seeds. The kit will help you and your students to discover a number of important things such as the acidity of your soil (slightly acid for potatoes, slightly alkaline for crops in the cabbage family) and how to attract bees to your crops and ladybirds to eat your pests.

Our kits are designed to take the hassle out of developing science programmes, freeing up the teacher to concentrate on what is important — their students. By offering pedagogically sound, current, exciting kits that incorporate up-to-date ecological science as well as the important hardware components and support materials, the teacher can simply follow this Teacher Guide and jump straight into creating quality
learning experiences.

This kit is designed to teach students how to ‘ask good questions for investigation’, to ‘do real science’ and to
‘think scientifically’ within the context of How Does your Garden Grow? Students need to be equipped with future focused skills that are transferable to any context, so this kit emphasises the Science Curriculum’s Nature of Science concepts and in particular the five key Foundational Science Capabilities

Gather and interpret data
Use evidence
Critique evidence
Interpret representations
Engage with science

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