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Magnifying glass

This can be used for a wide range of activities. It is very helpful when you examine the bacterial and fungal growth on your plastic dishes (see Section 9), examining insect visitors on flowers, or taking a closer look at earthworms. A key tip is that we do not use these lenses in the way Sherlock Holmes did! That is to say, do not hold the lens at arms’ length but bring the item you are examining to the lens, which is held in front of your eye. Do not do this if the object you are holding is potentially dangerous. Mind you, who in their right mind would hold a living bumble bee!

How Does Your Garden Grow Kit

This unique kit is based on research carried out in the Bio-Protection Research Centre at Lincoln University in association with the BHU Organics Trust and Kings Seeds. The kit will help you to discover a number of important things such as the acidity of your soil (slightly acid for potatoes, slightly alkaline for brassicas) and how to attract bees to your crops and ladybirds to eat your pests.

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